Pediatric Residency Training

At El Camino Pediatrics, we are a site for ongoing teaching of pediatric residents from Rady Children’s Hospital and Health Center in San Diego. These are doctors who are already in training to become a pediatrician.

At times in our office, you may be asked if a pediatric resident can do the initial history and physical first. After this, one of the regular physicians from our office will then review the history and physical with them and then revisit with you and your child in the exam room.

Our third year pediatric residents (this being their last year of training before becoming full-fledged pediatricians) are allowed to see patients independently without one of our physicians walking into the room of each of those patients. However, they may confer with one of the regular doctors for certain issues.

At other times, one of our regular doctors in the office may be accompanied into the exam room with a medical student or pediatric resident so they may listen in and share in certain parts of the physical exam. Of course, you may opt to decline to see the student or resident at any time.

We feel our teaching program is our way of giving back to the training program of future doctors and feel that enhances our capabilities by giving us the opportunity to teach. We thank our patients for their support over the years in our teaching program.