Types of Appointments

Making an Appointment

  • When you call to make an appointment, please let us know what type of appointment you need for your child.  Generally, we offer:
    • Well Visits: these are for routine physical exams and should be scheduled in advance
    • Sick Visits: these are for children who are acutely ill, like with an ear infection, diarrhea, injury, etc.
    • Consults: these are for children with complex problems, where the physician will need more time to address the issues
    • Immunization Visit: these are for children under 6 years of age to meet with the physician and review their schedule of shots when a Well Child Visit is not due
    • There are a few other options for types of appointments listed on the sidebar with further information
  • Generally the labs and x-ray facilities in our building are open Monday-Friday until about 5 pm and also most Saturdays in the mornings only.
  • If you are not sure if your child needs to be seen for a problem, you may elect to speak to one of our triage nurses first who can help you decide.
  • Please  understand that sometimes it may be difficult to look at siblings without an appointment. If a “quick peek” at the child reveals a complex problem, we will need to document the exam and treatment in the records and consider billing as an appointment. If it is needed, we will do our best to work siblings in as an emergency.
  • NOTE: Please bring any preschool, school, sports or college forms with you to your child’s Well Child Visits and we will fill them out at that time.  Also bring your Immunization Card for Well Child Visits or Immunization Visits or if you planning to having any immunizations done.  If you are dropping off any forms at our office, without your child being seen, please note there is $10 processing fee for filling out any forms.  Please drop off and pick up all forms at our main office Suite B105.

Cancellations and Late Patients

  • We will confirm by phone any pre-booked appointments a day or two ahead of time.  Please make sure if you can’t make an appointment that you let our office know as soon as possible to cancel.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment or are going to be late, please alert our staff so that we may make appropriate changes in the schedule.
  • If you are very late, we may ask that you reschedule your appointment (mostly for late Well Visits and Consults since these take more time), depending on the situation.  Sometimes, we may have you see another provider if they have an opening near the time of your late arrival.