ADHD Evaluation

El Camino Pediatrics will evaluate and treat children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder- also known as ADD for what is now called inattentive subtype) following the guidelines below.  Our goal is to ensure that children are not prescribed medications without a substantial reason, that the family understands the nature and effects of the medication, and that they are followed up with care.  You can read a short article on ADHD by Dr. Levy here.  Also look for recommended books in our Bookstore.

For existing patients at El Camino Pediatrics, seeking an initial ADHD evaluation:

Dr. Nicholas Levy has formed a collaboration with Dr. Stephen Park, a licensed clinical psychologist who has been practicing in North County San Diego for 14 years and has extensive experience and skill in the diagnosis of learning disabilities.  Dr. Park specializes in psycho-educational and neuro-psychological assessment of children, adolescents, and young adults who struggle with learning and developmental difficulties, which interfere with social and academic success. The testing items are extracted from the full battery of tests used for formal psycho-educational and neuropsychological evaluations. In order to offer these comprehensive assessment services at a reduced cost to patients of El Camino Pediatrics, Dr. Park’s written reports are specifically prepared for Dr. Levy, and not intended for distribution to schools and/or standardized testing agencies. [Dr. Park can provide formal documentation for Individual Education Plans (IEP) or standardized testing accommodations, but that is not a part of the El Camino Pediatrics ADHD evaluation process.] Because of this unique system, Dr. Park is able to offer his services for our patients at a substantially reduced cost.

As part of the initial evaluation, patients will also have a neurological examination, blood work, and a baseline Quotient test (this is a computerized test that is usually administered by our Nurse Practitioner, Natalie McNally.)

Please call Sonya to start the process at 760-753-5996.

For patients who are not on medications and have outside psycho-educational reports from the school or other specialists:

Because of the complexity of psycho-educational testing and the lengthy reports, Dr. Levy is unable to review reports generated by other psycho-educational specialists.  If patients have had testing elsewhere but are not on medications, Dr. Park is available to review these outside reports and then make recommendations to Dr. Levy to decide if further testing is needed or if a correct diagnosis has been made.

For new patients to El Camino Pediatrics who have been managed by other providers and who are stable on ADHD medications for at least 3 months:

Dr. Levy can take over the medication management if requested for these patients.  This will only apply to FDA-approved ADHD medications and not to anti-depressants (like Seroquil or Prozac) or atypical neuroleptics like Abilify.  A Consult visit with Dr. Levy will be required to take over medication management.

Process for patients needing initial new diagnosis evaluation or review of outside evaluations:

There are three appointments that will be necessary to complete the process.

  1. Patients will need a detailed neurological examination and have blood tests ordered.  There are a few metabolic conditions (such as iron deficiency and thyroid disease) that may create inattention that may look like ADHD.
  2. After this, an appointment with Dr. Park should be scheduled for the neuro-educational testing.
  3. When the lab results and Dr. Park’s evaluation are available for Dr. Levy, the family and patient will have their third appointment with Dr. Levy to review the findings.  If the cause of the child’s school problem is defined as ADHD and medications are indicated, then a medication plan will be discussed and initiated at this visit with Dr. Levy. If other areas of concern are brought to light, then there will be other recommendations for further evaluation.

Mandatory medication review appointments for all patients on ADHD medications being managed by Dr. Levy:

A medication review visit is mandatory at least every six months in the office with Dr. Levy.  It is important to follow the patient’s weight and blood pressure when on medications and to see how they are doing with their medications and school.  Without these medication reviews, Dr. Levy is not able to continue prescribing ADHD medications.  In some cases, Dr. Levy may request more frequent reviews.   For complex concerns, a Consult appointment with Dr. Levy will be necessary.

Obtaining refills on ADHD medications:

To refill FDA-controlled substance ADHD medications (Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin, etc.), call our office and choose option “7” to access the prescription refill line. Leave the child’s name, date of birth, medication and dosage, and your contact information on this line and the prescription will be ready to pick up in 2 to 3 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday). These prescriptions require a handwritten triplicate form signed by the physician and can not be called to the pharmacy directly and can not be submitted electronically.  Refill requests can be handled on our refill line if they are stable on their medications.  The written prescription must be picked up in person in the Main Office and patients may pick up a maximum of three 30 day prescriptions at a time.  There is an office handling fee of $5.00 for each written stimulant prescription payable at the time of pick up.

Contact information for scheduling and more information:

To learn more about our consults for ADHD, please contact Sonya, our referral coordinator, who will explain the appointment process and evaluation and assist you with ADHD scheduling appointments in our office.  Sonya’s direct line is 760-753-5996.