Sick Child Visits

  • If your child is sick, our office does our best to get your child in on the same day with one of our providers.  We will try to get you in with your primary doctor, but sometimes they may not be available and so you may see one of our other providers for a Sick Visit.
  • You may call our office after 8:15 AM to make an appointment Monday through Friday or after 8:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday to book a same day Sick Visit.
  • Please  understand that sometimes it may be difficult to look at siblings without an appointment. If a “quick peek” at the child reveals a complex problem, we will need to document the exam and treatment in the records and consider billing as an appointment. If it is needed, we will do our best to work siblings in as an emergency.
  • If your child has an emergency problem, like trouble breathing or a laceration, call the office to decide if they will need an Emergency Walk-In Visit.
  • If your child has a complex problem that is chronic, they may need a Consult, so please read more about this type of visit.  Of course, if they are acutely ill with an asthma attack or worsening abdominal pain, for example, even if this is chronic, we will work with you to get them in as a same day Sick Visit.

Weekends and Holidays:

  • Weekend and evening hours are reserved for Sick Visits only. There are no Well Child Visits done during these hours.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There is an extra office charge for being seen during Sunday hours.
  • For weekend appointments, you should call early in the day  because the office may not be open all day, depending upon the number of appointments needed.
  • We are closed for major holidays, but there is always someone on call by phone to provide you with emergency advice or direct you to an emergency room if necessary if it can not wait until the office opens the next day.  See Phone-In questions for more information.  See our Calendar to find days we are closed or may close early for holidays.