Sports or Camp Physicals

  • This is briefer than a Well Child Visit.  It is  for the children over 6 years old who only need Well Child Visits every other year, but they need a more current examination for sports or camp than their last Well Child Visit.
  • Behavioral, school or other complex issues are not addressed here, since this is a more limited visit.  If you know your child has more complex problems to address, consider making a Consult appointment and let the person scheduling the appointment know you also need sports or camp physical with this visit.  This will help us make sure we have enough time to address all the issues.
  • NOTE: Please bring the sports or camp forms with you to your child’s Sports or Camp Physical and we will fill them out at that time.  Also bring your Immunization Card so that we may review this to make sure they are up to date. If you are dropping off any sports or camp forms at our office, without your child being seen, please note there is $10 processing fee for filling out any forms.  Please drop off and pick up all forms at our main office Suite B105.