The physicians at El Camino Pediatrics are preferred providers for most insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company to make sure that we are contracted with your particular plan so that you know what to expect.

Make sure that you provide us with the most current insurance information when you come to the office and at any time there is a change. It is important for us to have the complete name of the insurance company, correct billing address, name and date of birth of the policyholder, effective date, and any applicable ID numbers and group numbers.

The best tip that we could give any of our patients is to know and become familiar with their insurance plan and its benefits. For those patients that have PPO (Preferred Provider) plans, it could save you money to know what hospitals, labs, x-ray facilities etc. are also contracted with their insurance plan. Patients should also know whether their insurance plan requires pre-authorization for visits to specialists, x-rays, emergency room visits, surgical procedures or hospital admissions.

The patient should be aware that even if we are billing their insurance company, the monies due are ultimately their responsibility to pay if their insurance does not pay or does not pay in a timely fashion.

A statement will be sent when money is due. Statements are not sent just as notification that your insurance has been billed. Likewise, if the insurance company sends correspondence asking about other insurance coverage and/or the nature of the accident or illness for which they are being billed, it should be answered immediately. The insurance company does not pay any related claims until a response is received.

Our billing office can be reached directly at 760-753-7146 ext. 151 to answer any of your questions.