Prenatal Visits

  • We encourage our first time moms-to-be to meet with the physician they would like to choose as their primary doctor for a prenatal visit in our office. This gives the parents a chance to meet the doctor and visit the office and also allows the physician to get a medical and family history from the parents.
  • These are free of charge and are booked during the doctor’s free time, either before or after their office hours, or during their lunch break.
  • You will receive a packet of information addressing newborn care and feeding.
  • If you have an older child that is already an established patient, you do not need to arrange a prenatal visit for the new sibling. Your regular physician will be happy to have the siblings as part of their practice.
  • Our doctors are available to follow newborns in the newborn nursery who are born at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla and Scripps Encinitas Hospital.