We have implemented electronic prescribing to the local pharmacies with Sure Scripts, so that the provider may submit the prescription to the pharmacist securely through our electronic records.  You will need the pharmacy name, city and street address to help us accurately find your pharmacy in our database.

To refill routine prescriptions prescribed by one of our providers, call your pharmacy and the pharmacy will call or electronically request our office for approval for the refill. Generally, this will be for chronic medicines like allergy medications, asthma inhalers, seizure medications or prescription creams (e.g. for acne or eczema).  If you are calling for routine prescriptions, please try to call during business hours Monday-Friday, unless the medication is urgently needed.

Antibiotics will usually not be refilled unless approved first with the provider.  If the pharmacist let’s you know it cannot be refilled after they have contacted our office, please call us to speak to our triage nursing staff about the situation.

To refill triplicate prescriptions, like ADHD medications (Ritalin, Concerta, Focalin, etc.) call our office and choose option “7” for the prescription refill line. Leave the child’s information on this line and the prescription will be ready to pick up in 2 to 3 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday). These prescriptions require a handwritten triplicate form signed by the physician and can not be called into the pharmacy and can not be submitted electronically.  Please see the ADHD page for further information.

We have listed on our website the local  24 hour pharmacies.