General Links

Kids Eat Great
How to get kids to eat healthy is always a challenge. Dr. Wood’s site covers information and tips for feeding kids of different ages. Buy her book, How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It! on-line or in the office.

Kid Pointz
This site has behavior charts, videos and information to inspire your kids to meet certain goals.  Dr. Wood has done the healthy eating information.

My Kids Doctor Visit
An informational site from Dr. Wood about when to call your doctor when your child is sick.

Rady Children’s Hospital
Visit this site to learn about our local Children’s Hospital subspecialists and see the Medical Library for patient handouts from various subspecialists.

American Academy of Pediatrics and HealthyChildren.Org
The latest information from the American Academy of Pediatrics, with information on policies and safety issues. Healthy Children is the AAP information website for parents with topics from safety to diseases and current news in the world of pediatrics.  


Airplane Choo Choo Feeding Guides
Healthy eating tips for parents for young children from birth to 2 years by the American Academy of Pediatrics and National Dairy Council.

Body Mass Index
Calculate the body mass index of your child and learn what it means.

Breastfeeding and Medications from LactMed
From the US National Library of Medicine, a database of drug safety during breastfeeding.

Bright Futures
Promoting the health and education of children and their families. Also in Spanish.

Child Passenger Safety and Seat Check Inspection Sites
The California Child Passenger laws and resources.  The Seat Check site will locate inspection sites near you so you can receive free guidance on proper child restarint use and installation.

The Eczema Center
Information and resources for families with children with eczema from Rady Childen’s Hospital.

Growth Charts
Download these from the Center for Disease Control website.  Please note that as of  the fall of 2010, the CDC recommends using WHO growth charts for children ages 0 to 2 years and the CDC growth charts for children 2 years and older.  You can download either set by linking here.

Height Predictor and More
A height predictor for children based on genetics and your child’s current height and age.

Immunization Schedule
The CDC site has the immunization schedule and catch-up immunization schedule for children and teens.

Merck Manual
Written for the layperson, this free, searchable, illustrated reference covers a broad range of health topics in pediatrics and all other areas of medicine.

Paid Family Leave
Workers who participate in the State Disability Insurance (SDI) Program are eligible to a maximum of six weeks partial pay each year while taking care of a newborn, adopted or foster child (both parents) or care for a seriously ill parent, child,  or spouse.

Product Alerts and Recalls
Collected from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Travel Site from the CDC
Planning a vacation and want to know what diseases may be lurking?  Check out the CDC site and you can call the local Travel Information Clinic at (760) 436-3988.

Tummy Time Tools
Giving your baby tummy time in those first several months of life can prevent problems with the skull flattening in one area.  Download this handout on different ways to give your baby plenty of tummy time.

Zero to Three
Learn about the development of your child from zero to three years.  This links to their new interactive school readiness tool.